September 2021 Newsletter

There’s one interesting thing about parking lot lighting – most people don’t notice its quality unless it is bad.
If it has been more than 10 years since you have constructed your parking lot lighting, then it is time for you to look into new lighting options. While the lighting in a parking lot needs to support the safety and security features that make someone want to use the parking lot, the overall lighting design is also important.

When updating your parking lot lighting you need to consider quite a few things.

It reflects well on your business – First impressions are a key to success in every avenue of life, and especially business. Just like the indoor lighting in your premises, the outdoor lighting in your parking lot also tends to reflect the values and quality of your company. A well-lit parking lot would encourage your customers to associate with your company, while a poorly lit parking lot leaves a bad first impression and lowers their confidence in your business. A facility that is adequately illuminated lets people know they are welcome, you are open for business, and creates a much more inviting and safe atmosphere to shop.

The brightness of the lighting-How bright a parking lot lights should be is one of the most important considerations. If a person is injured on a commercial property, regardless of the severity of the injury the business and property owner can be held liable financially if proven that there was insufficient light levels that could have prevented such an assault or injury from occurring. When the parking lot is well lit, it not only creates a safe friendly environment, but it also improves security. Accidents are reduced too from people tripping, falling or slipping.

The consistency of the lighting-A parking lot needs to look inviting so people will want to park there, which means no dark spots. One way to make a parking lot look inviting is to make sure that the lighting is consistent throughout the entire parking lot. This consistency not only makes for a nice-looking parking lot, it also makes the place look like it has been upgraded and makes your clients, employees, and business associates see your company as a warm, welcoming place.

The efficiency of the lighting– The operating costs for lighting in a parking lot tend to be high. One of the ways you can reduce your energy expenditures in parking lots is with the use of timers, motion sensors or daylight detectors to turn the lights on or off as needed. Also, upgrading the lighting from inefficient options to efficient and long-lasting Light emitting diodes (LED) lighting is definitely worth the money and time. LED lights last longer than their traditional counterparts, which means less cost for replacement and fewer man hours spent replacing bulbs. On average, a parking lot light fixture that is upgraded to a LED light at 50W or less will save the building’s owner around $120 per year in energy costs. If a parking lot has 250 lights, this adds up to around $30,000 in electricity savings each year. Changing all the light fixtures in your parking lot may seem like a costly, time-consuming venture, but it isn’t. Switching to LED technology have become common features in parking lots across the country and installing high-quality LED lighting is an excellent way to advertise your business. You will also feel great about lowering your company’s environmental footprint and landfill waste.

The color of the lighting-Newer LED technologies allow for improved lighting conditions in a parking lot. That means those who use it will see everything more clearly. If you use video surveillance, high-quality LED lights will allow your cameras to capture better footage, enhancing the security.

Today’s lighting technologies offer many benefits and Gray Connective is here to walk you through the process step by step to improve and enhance your parking lot.

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