Electrician Services

Utilizing the most reliable, innovative and cutting-edge solutions, Gray Connective can design, build and maintain the integrated electrical solution best suited to achieving your business goals.

Our team builds cost-effective projects with the highest quality and adherence to development standards.

Construction Services

Whether your needs are new construction or renovation of an existing commercial,
industrial or institutional facility, Gray Connective can provide cost-effective solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Gray Connective’s goal is to assist our clients in making their facilities energy efficient
by providing lighting retrofits and control systems.

Solar Renewable Energy

As one of the leading sources of renewable energy, Gray Connective can design, install and maintain your solar system to operate at peak efficiency to maximize your investment.

Infrared Scanning Services

Gray Connective utilizes the latest FLIR Systems infrared technology cameras to detect and diagnose exceptions or defects in electrical and mechanical systems. This service offers a non-invasive means of troubleshooting and analysis.

Importance of Utility Locating

Gray Connective provides accurate locating for privately owned underground utilities that are not traditionally marked by 811 services. We utilize the latest Radiodetection equipment, which also locates underground faults and other defects in electrical systems. Cities are chock full of telephone wires, power and fibre optic cables, gas and water mains, sewer pipes and waste water drains and more, some even dating back to the 19th century. Locating all these different utilities is a confusing process even for the most experienced excavators and is best left to a company that has expertise in the service. We conduct the necessary research on the area to be excavated to keep workers safe while any work is being done.