July 2021 Newsletter

As a property manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that every aspect of your property and business is safeguarded. This includes the employees, building, inventory, and customers. Locking the doors for a small or medium sized business is simply not enough to protect everything, let alone for a large company. Every business needs to take the time to consider installing a commercial surveillance system in order to improve the overall safety of the workplace and as a way to protect the company’s assets.

So what exactly are the advantages and importance of having commercial surveillance cameras in the workplace?

  1. Reduce and Prevent Theft– Placing surveillance cameras throughout a business can help prevent crimes such as vandalism and theft as well as deter potential burglars.
  2. Real Time Monitoring– Real time remote video monitoring can be extremely useful. Commercial video surveillance will allow any approved employee to monitor critical areas of the business continuously. This monitoring can be completed from computer, mobile phones, or tablets anywhere anytime. It is even possible to have multiple sites communicate using the same network, with each of the camera views accessible through the internet. Older security cameras often lack the motion sensor and alert technology that newer models have. Thanks to WiFi and modern mobile phones a security camera can send a real-time alert in case it captures activity in the area.
  3. Improve Productivity– Another reason to consider surveillance in your business, especially factories, is to improve worker productivity. Communication between different buildings and departments is improved, which can improve overall production. In addition, employees are more likely to work at their fullest capabilities when they know they are being monitored.
  4. Resolve Business Disputes and Provide Evidence for Investigations– No matter what type of business you run, disputes are going to occur. Usually when a disagreement occurs, managers need to figure out exactly what happened. A surveillance camera can provide clear video proof about the entire incident. This will lead to a fair resolution and reduce workplace violence. Also, if any type of criminal or suspicious activity occurs around your company, the cameras provide visual evidence for the police investigation. Digital storage provides an easier searching capability, which makes it easier to find the footage anytime you want.
  5. Increased sense of safety and security– Public and private areas that are monitored are generally safer and they also serve as assurance of safety to law-abiding citizens.
  6. Improve Customer’s Shopping Experience– The reason to place a commercial security camera is not only about safety. Business managers and small retail store owners can also use cameras to offer a better shopping experience. When a store has a security system, customers will think their security is cared about and guaranteed. Also, business managers can study customers’ shopping habits by studying videos recorded by surveillance systems. Then you can improve product placement and optimize store traffic patterns, making customers more satisfied.
  7. Cost Savings-Placing surveillance systems are also cost-efficient. They are less costly than hiring full-time security officers for every corner, entrance, exit and etc. And most surveillance cameras have excellent night vision, which will give you a peace of mind through the nighttime hours.

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