January 2022 Newsletter

With the rapid growth of interest in electric vehicles, more commercial facilities are looking to install electric charging stations. If you’re considering adding a charging station, here are the key things you need to consider:

What Level Charging Station Will You Use?

The biggest decision you have to make is determining what level of charging station you want to install. The main driver behind the decision is how your charging station will be used. The three levels of charging stations vary in many ways, but the most significant is the time it takes to charge a vehicle.

Level 1 Charging Stations use a 120-volt AC circuit. They are the least expensive but they take the longest amount of time to charge a vehicle. These types of chargers don’t require any special equipment or installation and are often used at home. Typically, a Level 1 charger requires 11 to 20 hours to charge a vehicle. These work best when the vehicle can be plugged in and stationary overnight. Level 1 chargers will typically get 4 miles of driving range per hour of charge.

Level 2 Charging Stations are suitable for both commercial and residential use. Commercial stations typically use a 208-240 volt AC circuit and must be installed by a licensed electrician. They can be powered by either traditional utility provided power, or by a solar panel system. Typically, a Level 2 charger requires 3-8 hours to charge a vehicle. Level 2 chargers will typically get 32 miles of driving range per hour of charge.

Level 3 Charging Stations are commonly known as DC Fast Chargers and provide 100 or more miles of range to a typical vehicle in 30 to 40 minutes of charging. Level 3 chargers require specialized equipment and professional installation.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Facility

  • Contribute to your community by helping to improve air quality
  • Attract and retain employees, it is another incentive for working at your company
  • Federal and State financial incentives and tax credits
  • Reduce Facility Costs, Rapidly increasing gas prices will impact the bottom line for businesses with fleets.
  • Shows your business is innovative and forward thinking and committed to sustainability

Electric Vehicles are the future! Now is the time to get in front of this growing technology. As of 2022, 45 states and many utility providers offer incentives for the purchase, installation, maintenance, and operation of EV charging stations.

Gray Connective can transition your business to EV Chargers. EV charging stations are a way of enhancing the overall operation of your workplace and getting the kind of long-term benefits that you want and deserve.

Gray Connective is a commercial and industrial electrical contractor serving the greater Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey for over three decades. We offer companies the ability to work with confidence and peace of mind through our electrical solutions and competitive prices.

Gray Connective will design and install an EV charging station at your facility. Call us today to get started.