February 2021 Newsletter

In the northeastern part of the country, each season brings its own risks for electrical outages. Blackouts in commercial buildings not only mean a loss in revenue due to downtime, they can also cause IT challenges, safety issues, security risks and a reduction in customer trust for all types of businesses.

All of this can be avoided with a properly installed and maintained generator that keeps your entire commercial or industrial building operating smoothly. No business wants to lose money due to unforeseen power outages, but that is exactly what happens when you don’t have the backup plan needed to instantaneously restore services.

There are two different types of generators, portable and stationary.

  • A portable generator runs on gasoline or diesel and needs to be manually started once a power outage occurs. Their advantage is that they can be moved easily to places where power is needed.
  • Stationary, or standby, generator is permanently connected to a building’s electrical system. The generator automatically detects there is an outage and the unit’s automatic transfer switch will turn the generator on. It will run until power returns. Most of these units run on diesel, natural gas or liquid propane gas.

Commercial generators do more than “just keep the lights on” and should be large enough to power your building’s critical systems.  They can power air conditioning and heating systems, ensure that you have access to hot water, keep security, data and POS systems running, and protect perishable products from spoiling.

At Gray Connective, we offer commercial generators and installation. Each configuration is unique and requires careful planning and consideration. Our highly skilled technicians will install a power system your business can depend on based off of your critical systems’ needs. Once installed, we can schedule regular maintenance and testing on your unit to make sure it will always be in working order if a blackout occurs.

Gray Connective is a commercial and industrial electrical contractor serving the greater Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey for over three decades. We offer companies the ability to work with confidence and peace of mind through our electrical solutions and competitive prices.

Contact Gray Connective for more information on how we can secure reliable power for your business before the next outage or seasonal weather disaster happens.