Experienced Commercial Electrical Company Near Easton, PA

Leading commercial electrical services near Easton, PA

Does your business need the guidance of a commercial electrical company in the Lehigh Valley? At Gray Connective, Inc, we an electrical company near Easton, PA, serving local businesses with modern electrical solutions. With commercial buildings, electrical functionality is essential to run a business effectively. A business succeeds when it has efficient and productive systems installed, and we are dedicated to enhancing your systems. Our electric company team builds cost-effective projects with the highest quality and adherence to development standards. We understand the importance of safe and high-performing electrical systems and work to ensure your business has them.

When your electrical systems are running as they should, you will see enhanced productivity and progress. Backed by three decades of experience in providing commercial businesses with excellent electrical solutions, you can rely on us to resolve any electrical issue. When your business needs the assistance of commercial electricians in Easton, PA, look to the professionals at Gray Connective. You can rely on our team of skilled technicians to deliver high-quality service and the utmost professionalism. Contact Gray Connective Inc in Easton, PA, for more information on our electrical services.

Electrical services at Gray Connective, Inc

Gray Connective uses longstanding electrical knowledge to assist businesses to improve their electrical systems and safety. From construction services to solar, energy efficiency, and more, Gray Connective works to improve your operations and ensure your systems are safe. We are knowledgeable in all areas of electrical work and can make the process stress-free. 

From lighting to powering your technology, electricity is necessary to perform all functions. If your business doesn’t have electrical systems installed or up to date, it can make tackling projects challenging. Look to our electricians for a wide range of solutions for your business. We are committed to the highest safety standard with every commercial or industrial project. The following are the electrical services that we provide for commercial and industrial businesses in Easton and the greater Lehigh Valley: 

  • Construction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Utility Locating 


Construction is a significant area of our expertise, and we have the equipment, expertise, and insight to provide high-level service. We offer leading solutions from new lighting sources to updated technology, solar, generators, or more. Construction can seem like a daunting process to complete, and we work to provide you with a clear concept of the course of the project so that you can have peace of mind. Whether your needs are new construction or renovation of an existing commercial, industrial, or institutional facility, Gray Connective can provide cost-effective solutions.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can help your business save costs in the long run. We are committed to providing services that enable businesses to be successful to utilize electrical systems and improve their performance. As businesses’ needs continually change, energy efficiency can be useful and effective. Gray Connective’s goal is to assist our clients in making their facilities energy efficient by providing lighting retrofits and control systems.


If your business is interested in solar power, turn to the specialists at Gray Connective. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that can provide long-lasting efficiency and power to your business. There are many benefits to solar energy, and our team of electricians can assess your commercial building and break down how it can enhance your operations. As one of the leading sources of renewable energy, Gray Connective can design, install, and maintain your solar system to operate at peak efficiency to maximize your investment.

Infrared Scanning

For your electrical and mechanical systems to run smoothly, it’s important to detect any issues and resolve them as soon as possible. At Gray Connective, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve. Gray Connective utilizes the latest FLIR Systems infrared technology cameras to detect and diagnose exceptions or defects in electrical and mechanical systems. This service offers a non-invasive means of troubleshooting and analysis. Through infrared screening, we can provide prompt solutions.

Utility Locating

Locating all these different utilities is a confusing process even for the most experienced excavators and is best left to a company with expertise in the service. At Gray Connective, we specialize in utility locating and conduct the necessary research on the area to be excavated to keep workers safe while any work is being done.  We utilize the latest Radiodetection equipment, which also finds underground faults and other defects in electrical systems. Cities are chock full of telephone wires, power, and fiber optic cables, gas and water mains, sewer pipes, and more that are years old. Look to Gray Connective for safe, experienced utility locating services.