December 2022 Newsletter

Do you know the difference between a commercial electrician and a residential electrician? 

“Any electrician can power up a building with enough time and equipment”. That’s what they say until you give them the blueprints for a multi-story mall or office building.

There are two main types of electricians: residential and commercial. Residential and commercial electrical contractors both work on complex and important jobs, and there’s a lot of overlap between the two but specialization is key. A residential electrician installs, repairs and updates electrical systems, light fixtures, wiring, power outlets and circuits in residential properties. A commercial electrician installs, repairs and updates electrical systems and other electrical components like transformers, receptacles, lighting and generators in commercial buildings.

Let’s break down the differences between commercial electricians and residential electricians:

  • Work environments: Residential electricians install wiring systems and electrical components for new homes or apartments complexes, single-family homes, condos and townhomes.  In contrast, commercial electricians work on construction sites for commercial buildings or in actively used commercial buildings such as medical offices, school buildings, hotels, retail stores, industrial and manufacturing facilities.
  • Working with different systems: One way that residential electricians and commercial electricians vary in their job responsibilities is the size of the electrical systems they install, repair or maintain. Commercial electricians work with larger power systems.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Commercial electricians have the ability and resources to handle large-scale commercial projects.
  • Technical Skills Required: Both residential and commercial electrical technicians start education and training in the same place. Commercial electricians require more experience due to complexity, safety, and reliability factors.  A commercial electrician can typically take on any project that a residential electrician can, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true for a residential electrician.

The fastest and most efficient way to solve an electrical problem is to contact a professional. When hiring an electrician, it’s important to ensure that they understand the conditions they will be working with, whether it’s commercial or residential.

Gray Connective is a commercial and industrial electrical contractor serving the greater Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey for over three decades. We offer companies the ability to work with confidence and peace of mind through our electrical solutions and competitive prices.

The value of a commercial electrician is their specialty focus on commercial and public facilities, which makes them the right electrician for the complicated jobs.

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