August 2022 Newsletter

Want to Bring EV Charging to Your Workplace? It May Not Be as Hard as You Think

Employers are providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the workplace for multiple reasons. They use the benefits and amenities to attract and retain top employees and customers who are environmentally conscious and comfortable with cutting-edge technology.  Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 27% of 2020 greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation. Offering EV charging can help reduce these gas emissions that your commuters generate, making it a simple and effective way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
But as a manager or leader in your workplace you may not know how to get started to convince the “big boss or bosses” (who you need final approval from) that this is a good idea. Here are several tips to help.

  1. Assess the need for charging at your company. An employee survey is a perfect place to start assessing the demand for EV charging stations. Ask employees whether they own an EV or if they would consider buying an EV if there was access to charging at work. Based on how many employees already drive electric vehicles or express interest, you can start your planning. If your business receives visitors and customers, including them in your survey can be useful.
  2. Produce a plan with the future in mind. The plan should include an approximate number of charging stations, location of installation, permit process and recommended vendors and contractors. Base your initial EV offering around your employee survey results, but plan for about 5 to 10 percent of employees to have plug-in electric vehicles within the next few years.  Planning for more electrical infrastructure at time of initial installation can help save money when it’s time to install more chargers. That way, most of the work is already done!
  3. Consult an electrician.  Before you make a formal request, it’s essential that you do some ground work. An electrician will help you to understand what kind of charger(s) will meet your company’s needs. Also, they will look at your electrical panel to determine what your existing electrical load is. Based on what kind of charger your company needs, your electrical service may need some upgrading. The electrician will guide you through this and have sensible solutions in planning for your company’s EV future, make sure to include their plan in your presentation.
  4. Grants and incentives. Federal grants are a viable option for businesses across the country to expand to EV charging infrastructure while committing to sustainability. You should check if the company you work for may be able to claim federal and sometimes even local and state incentives. Make sure you show these numbers on your final plan.
  5. Present a Fully-Finished Proposal. Finally, take some time to create a full presentation. Be sure to include all your research, the approximate costs, benefits and basic information about electric car technology.

By producing a plan, you will show a draft of the project. These type of investments go through an extensive internal review process where multiple departments, including the top management, may get involved. The purpose of the plan is to head off some first round questions. Gray Connective is here to ensure you are informed and ready to build your case to bring EV charging stations to your workplace with ease.

Gray Connective is a commercial and industrial electrical contractor serving the greater Lehigh Valley and western New Jersey for over three decades. We offer companies the ability to work with confidence and peace of mind through our electrical solutions and competitive prices.

Contact Gray Connective to bring EV charging to your workplace.  We want to help make your sustainable dreams for your company come true, reach out to us for more information!