April 2021 Newsletter

The second-most common source of workplace fires is from the electricity that powers your building. Between keeping the lights on, running equipment and powering the HVAC system, your building’s electric grid carries an enormous load. Understanding its hazards and danger signs can help you develop smart preventative strategies and life-saving evacuation plans.


  1. IDENTIFY ELECTRICAL HAZARDS IN THE WORKPLACE- Regardless of a building’s construction or design, the integrity of its electrical system can become compromised. Fixing electrical problems immediately should be a part of your workplace fire safety plan. Electrical equipment needs to be inspected on a routine basis to prevent fire hazards which can be caused by defects in wiring, motors, switches, lamps and heating elements.
  2. DETECT DANGEROUS WARNING SIGNS- Electrical fire safety in the workplace depends on employee awareness. Include fire safety education in regular employee training updates so that workers recognize warning signs that indicate electrical fire hazards. Some warning signs can be repeatedly tripped circuit breakers and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, frequently blown fuses, tools or appliances that feel too warm to the touch, odor of burning metal or plastic near wall outlets or light fixtures, and lights that flicker or make popping sounds.
  3. DEVELOP ELECTRICAL FIRE SAFETY STRATEGIES- Effective electric fire prevention should be a well-developed policy with guidelines followed every day by all employees. Workplace safety depends on sticking to routines that minimize danger and also satisfy strict building fire codes. All staff should know where fire detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers are located.
  4. KEEP EVERYONE SAFE WITH EVACUATION PLANS- When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, lives depend on a safe evacuation. Whether you run a small store-front business, a large commercial factory or manage a high-rise office complex, you need a plan. Determine the safest and quickest paths to fire exits. Print and post maps illustrating evacuation routes.  Designate individuals to sound alarms, call firefighters and shut off electricity. Practice regular fire drills at least twice per year, and stress their life-saving importance.

Gray Connective is committed to providing you with electrical information and quality service that helps keep everyone safe in the workplace. We can schedule routine testing on your emergency lights and fire alarms. Also, we will inspect your electrical equipment for any potential fire hazards and provide maintenance if needed.

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