3 Benefits of a GFCI for Your Business

At Gray Connective in Easton, PA, we specialize in GFCI’s for commercial and industrial buildings in the region. GFCI’s can provide a wide range of electrical protections, making them essential for businesses to utilize. As safety is the highest priority of a business, it’s essential to consider all of the risks that can arise to have the proper protections. One electrical system that can help prevent incidents in a GFCI, ground – fault circuit interrupter. Below, we break down a few advantages of a GFCI in your business.

GFCI’s can Prevent a Wide Range of Issues


A GFCI outlet prevents shocks and electrocution. Shocks can be painful and severe instances can cause injury to an employee. A GFCI outlet has a built-in sensor that monitors the inflow and outflow of electricity from an appliance, preventing electrical shock if there is an abnormal change. If the appliance is plugged into a GFCI outlet, then the GFCI will notice the change in electrical flow occurring, and it will immediately shut down the power.

Damage of Appliances

GFCI’s can prevent any damage to equipment within your commercial or industrial business. A constant leakage of electrical current can cause an immense amount of damage to appliances. From technology disruptions to electrical issues and more, an electrical current can cause a wide range of problems. With a GFCI outlet, you can have peace of mind knowing that your appliances are protected. If a GFCI circuit detects a leak, it will shut down the circuit and prevent expensive equipment and appliances from getting damaged due to electrical leaks.

Fire Prevention

The primary function of a GFCI outlet is to detect ground faults, which can cause fire, injury, or damage. Ground faults can cause fires, so it’s important to consider the risks that can cause your business and take a proactive approach to safety. Although electrical fuses offer basic protection against electrical fires, a GFCI can create an extra layer of protection.